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The collection fintessile comes from the evolution of Tessitura Serica Giuseppe Crovato who since 1923 produced fabrics for clothing and almost immediately directing its production to the realization of silk fabrics for shirts and above all for outer apparel wear.
In 2012 the management of the brand fintessile passed on to mamo 69 srl who with it's staff is continuing the production adapting it to the needs of a continuous changing world.
The philosophy behind the construction of the collection is based on proposing intrinsically and qualitatively rich fabrics but not exaggerated.
The richness of the fabric is created with an appropriate choice of raw materials, a suitable construction of the products adapted for specific uses, a choice of the most suitable process of dyeing according to the quality.

And finally the refined and delicate phase of finishing gives the product the appearance, the hand and the feel you desire.
The know-how accumulated in 90 years of history in both weaving, dyeing and finishing allows the staff to deal with all aspects from the the construction of the product to the management of productions, with unusual professionalism.
We have been collaborating for many years with the best fashion designers and garment manufacturers around the world where our collections have become a must to view and to have every season.
Together with them we study and develop also exclusive fabrics regarding construction, disegn, appearance or finishing.


Elegant but not obvious, sophisticated but not overwhelming.
The studied and proposed fabrics allow the designer, who has to model them, to have an absolute freedom in its creation since the intrinsic quality of our fabrics transpires but does not constrains in use.
The richness of the fabrics is also distorted by exclusive finishes which make the fabrics ideal for various uses.
Silks treated as cottons and cotton treated as silk . A contamination in the use of fibers and the construction of fabrics makes modern traditional fabrics .


The part of the collection dedicated to the man who does not want to appear but wants to feel good in what he wears , who wants to feel unique and sophisticated. The silks are combined with fine wools and combed cottons in compact constructions but soft to give the fabrics resistance but also soft to the touch and comfort in dressing.


Selected fabrics for men for evening , special events or ceremonies.
Together with silk fabrics and silk wools, we are presenting many fashion fabrics of various types and compositions to suit the demands of a changing market.
The collection includes plain and jacquard fabrics designed and developed to be matched together to create a smooth, elegant and refined total look.


Developed in collaboration with designers and industry leaders, fintessile the collection of circular knitting exploits the technical knowledge of dyeing and finishing to create fabrics constructed with yarns not normally used in knitwear.
This makes the produced fabrics very special and unique in the market.
The general philosophy of the company remains primarily the use of natural fibers such as Silk Wool Cotton Linen. In addition to lightweight dress products or t-shirt use, there are many items used for dress, suit jackets and trousers.


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